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Komon Seji Okuda Low Mug

Komon Seji Okuda Low Mug

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Brand: Komon
Craftsman: Seji Okuda
Clay from Iga & Shigaraki
Diameter: 10.5cm
Height: 8.5cm
Volume: 400ml

Seji Okuda is a Japanese ceramic artist who is known for creating beautiful and unique pottery items, including the Low Mug.

A Low Mug is a type of coffee or tea mug that has a low profile, usually wider than it is tall. Seji Okuda's Low Mugs are made from high-quality clay and decorated with intricate patterns or textures. They are designed to be both functional and beautiful, with a comfortable grip and the perfect size for enjoying a warm drink.

One of the unique features of Seji Okuda's Low Mugs is the glaze. He often uses a traditional Japanese glazing technique called "Haiyu," which involves a mixture of ash and feldspar. The glossy black items have traces of slow dripping of glaze, and when illuminated by light, a faint green or blue color can be seen. It's black, but it's not too black. It's a single color, but various colors are hidden, and the more you look at it, deeper colors appear.. Okuda’s white ceramics have a surface where you can enjoy the rough feel of the soil. As with black, red clay is used, which turns black when baked. When white glaze is applied, the black soil appears thinly in gray depending on how the glaze is applied.

Please note that Komon products vary, making each item unique. There may be some slight variations in size, finish, and texture from the photo presented here. 

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