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Komon Denshiro Natural Coffee Container

Komon Denshiro Natural Coffee Container

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Brand: Komon
Craftsman: Denshiro
Material: cherry bark, Japanese poplar, Japanese wing nut
Diameter: 8.5cm
Bottom diameter: 9.9cm
Height: 17.3cm
Capacity: 240g

The Denshiro cherry bark coffee container is a traditional Japanese-style container that is designed to preserve the freshness and aroma of coffee beans. The container is made of cherry bark from Akita Prefecture, Japan. 

The Cherry wood bark art consists of using the bark of wild cherry trees, where only a part of the bark is peeled off. By doing so, the tree does not die and the bark regenerates, so there is no need to cut down the tree. It is an environmental friendly product that does not generate extra waste material other than the bark. To transform wild cherry bark into the craft material “Marble” and “Natural” the craftsman whittles and polishes each sheet of bark by hand.

The cherry bark is known for its antibacterial and moisture-absorbing properties and can be used for decades. 

The container has an airtight lid to prevent air and moisture from getting in.

The pictures and dimensions listed are for reference. As these are handmade items containing natural products, there may be variances in appearance and specifications.

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