Morihei Hisamoto Copper Oroshigane Grater Mini

Morihei Hisamoto Copper Oroshigane Grater Mini

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Brand: Morihei 森平
Product Type: Oroshigane Grater
Size: 50 x 60mm
Weight: 53g

Morihei Hisamoto Copper Oroshigane Grater is a high-quality Japanese kitchen tool used for grating various ingredients such as daikon, ginger, garlic, wasabi, and vegetables. The grater is made by the Japanese company Morihei Hisamoto, which is known for producing premium kitchen knives and accessories.

The Oroshigane Grater is made of copper, which is a durable and corrosion-resistant material that retains its sharpness and effectiveness over time. The grater has sharp, razor-like teeth that are hand-crafted and arranged in a precise pattern to create the perfect grating surface. This allows for quick and easy grating, while also maintaining the integrity of the ingredient being grated.

In addition to its functional features, the Morihei Hisamoto Copper Oroshigane Grater has an elegant and traditional design. The grater is often used in Japanese cuisine and is a common sight in Japanese households and restaurants.

The pictures and dimensions listed are for reference. As these items contain natural products, there may be variances in appearance and specifications.

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