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Green Gnome Hyuga-Binchotan (Maru Large) 1KG

Green Gnome Hyuga-Binchotan (Maru Large) 1KG

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Product Type: Kishu Binchotan

What is Binchotan(備長炭)?
Binchotan means charcoal in Japanese. However, this Binchotan, or sometimes referred to as bincho zumi, is a particular type of charcoal that is a long-burning, clean, and natural alternative to charcoal briquettes.

While pretty much more expensive compared to your ordinary charcoals in the market, this flameless charcoal produces intensive heat, burns cleanly, giving off no odor, and cooks at a lower temperature than other types of charcoal, making the outside of material crispy without drying it out. This log- shaped charcoal is made from various oak that combines the best aspects of lump charcoal and briquettes. The smoke it produces gives a distinct enticing flavor. The heat of Binchotan is so intense that it could actually create a hole in a pan like an infrared ray hitting the center.

This charcoal is dried and stacked into brick ovens and taken to four different temperatures, two hundred degrees, four hundred degrees, five hundred fifty degrees, and nine hundred degrees Celsius, for 8 weeks. For the last stage, they rapidly add air so that the heat reaches one thousand two hundred degrees Celsius, which carbonizes it and permanently changes the charcoal's internal structure.


Due to international shipping regulations, we cannot send binchotan to customers outside of Canada. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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