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Hitohira Wagara Knife Roll Medium (6 Pocket)

Hitohira Wagara Knife Roll Medium (6 Pocket)

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Wagara Knife Rolls are created by HITOHIRA using Japanese traditional color/ pattern cloth. These clothes are made from cotton.
When you take a knife out, you can tighten the roll with the band to keep your knives secure.

*When you store knives in the knife roll, please make sure the blade is in an edge guard such as a Saya.

Wagara Knife Rollは、包丁・道具のウェブサイト『ひとひら』の製作している、和風な包丁巻きです。和式の刃物の風合いを壊すことなく、収納することが可能です。


Detailed Spec

Brand: Hitohira ひとひら
Maker: Hokuto Aizawa 相澤 北斗
Producing Area: Tokyo/ Japan
Product Type: Knife Roll
Size: Medium

*The knives in the photos are not included with the knife roll*

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