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Shichirin Chokaku

Shichirin Chokaku

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Craftsman: Maruwa Kogyo
Material: Diatomaceous earth from Suzu
Dimensions: 60cmx24cmx18cm

Maruwa Kogyo is a Japanese company that produces traditional Japanese charcoal grills called shichirin. They offer a variety of shichirin models, ranging in size from small tabletop models to larger, freestanding units.

Maruwa Kogyo shichirin are made using traditional Japanese Diatomaceous clay, from Suzu, which helps to distribute heat evenly and retain it for long periods of time. They also feature a venting system that allows for precise temperature control.

Maruwa Kogyo shichirin are popular among grill enthusiasts in Japan and around the world for their high quality, durability, and excellent cooking performance.

“Kiridashi” style Shichirin are constructed out of one whole piece of clay, and then carved by hand.(Here is how it s made.) This particular method allows for better, longer and more consistent heat retention and temperature control, compared to the “Pressed” style."Shichirin chokaku" is a Japanese term that refers to a type of shichirin that has a square or rectangular shape. 

Shichirin chokaku are popular in Japan and are often used for grilling skewers of meat or vegetables, as well as for other grilled dishes.

The pictures and dimensions listed are for reference. As these are handmade items containing natural products, there may be variances in appearance and specifications.

Available to ship in North America.

Due to their size, Konro Grills unfortunately are excluded from our free shipping offer. Shipping is available across Canada and US.

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