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Komon Denshiro Natural Tea Container Large

Komon Denshiro Natural Tea Container Large

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Brand: Komon
Craftsman: Denshiro
Material: cherry bark, Japanese poplar, Japanese wing nut
Diameter: 8.3cm
Height: 12cm
Capacity: 150g

Denshiro cherry bark tea container, also known as Sakurabukuro Denshiro, is a traditional Japanese tea container made from cherry bark. This type of Denshiro is particularly prized for its beauty and unique texture, which is created by wrapping the cherry bark around a ceramic or porcelain container.

The cherry bark used to make these tea containers is harvested from the cherry blossom tree, which is known for its beautiful pink flowers. The bark is carefully peeled from the tree and then dried and treated before being used to create the tea container.

The process of making a Sakurabukuro Denshiro involves wrapping the cherry bark around a ceramic or porcelain container and then applying a lacquer finish to create a smooth, polished surface. The resulting tea container is both beautiful and functional, with the cherry bark providing a natural insulation that helps to keep the tea inside fresh and dry.

Sakurabukuro Denshiro is often used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and is highly prized by collectors and tea enthusiasts for its unique beauty and historical significance. They can be found in many different styles and designs, ranging from simple and rustic to ornate and highly decorative.

Please observe the following instructions for the long-term enjoyment of your product. Avoid prolonged storage in damp places; do not wipe with a wet cloth. To prevent dehydration, avoid both excessive heat, dryness and direct sunlight. To achieve maximum luster, occasional wiping in the direction of the grain is recommended. Use a soft cloth or tissue. Do not use it in the microwave, oven, or wash in the dishwasher.

The pictures and dimensions listed are for reference. As these are handmade items containing natural products, there may be variances in appearance and specifications.

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