Komon Oroshigane  Bamboo brush
Komon Oroshigane  Bamboo brush

Komon Oroshigane Bamboo brush

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Brand: Komon
Product Type: Brush

An Oroshigane Bamboo brush is a traditional Japanese kitchen tool used for cleaning the teeth or teeth-like edges of a metal or bamboo grater, such as an Oroshigane Take-bera, used for grating wasabi, ginger, garlic, and other root vegetables. The brush made of bamboo has soft and flexible bristles.

After grating the root vegetables, small particles or fibers may get stuck in the teeth of the grater, making it difficult to clean with a regular sponge or brush. The Oroshigane Bamboo brush is specifically designed to clean these hard-to-reach areas, allowing for a thorough and easy cleaning process.

The brush is also useful for cleaning other kitchen tools, such as a meat grinder or cheese grater.

The Oroshigane Bamboo brush is a simple but effective tool in Japanese cuisine that is also appreciated for its natural and eco-friendly properties.

The pictures and dimensions listed are for reference. As these are handmade items containing natural products, there may be variances in appearance and specifications.

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