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Komon Shinichi Kotsuji Tsutsu Chawan

Komon Shinichi Kotsuji Tsutsu Chawan

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Material: clay from Iga & Shigaraki
Diameter: 11cm
Height: 9cm
Volume: 430ml

Shinichi Kotsuji has trained in Shigarakiyaki ceramics for over 10 years. After founding his company, Kotsuji moved to Shiga as well as Kyoto to find the best ceramic style to express himself in​. Now he works in Igayaki, using the local rough sandy clay from Iga in Mie prefecture, he is able to take advantage of the high iron content in the clay to produce black spots across the ceramic surface. Available in Kizeto or Haiyugesho (Ash glaze) and also in bright Turkey Blue. The bright Turkey Blue ware created through many years of trial and error. The special Kotsuji's blend glaze was difficult to hold in the clay, and after years of testing, the blue ware was finally produced. The thick glaze pools at the bottom and has a mysterious, space-like beauty.

Kotsuji's ceramics are rugged yet refined, reflecting the Japanese countryside. 

Tsutsu chawan is a type of tea bowl used traditionally in the Japanese tea ceremony. Shinichi Kotsuji Tsutsu Chawan sits perfectly in your hands for drinking latte, tea and of course Matcha.

Please note that Komon products vary, making each item unique. There may be some slight variations in size, finish, and texture from the photo presented here. 

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