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Komon Yamagata Imono Hiramaru Kiku (Chrysanthemum)

Komon Yamagata Imono Hiramaru Kiku (Chrysanthemum)

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Brand: Komon
Craftsmen: Yamagata Imono
Product Type: Tetsubin
Material: iron, Urushi lacquer, copper lid
Capacity: 2.1L,
Weight: 1.8kg
Width: 200mm,
Pot width: 185mm
Pot height: 210mm

Thin, light, and high quality Tetsubin from Yamagata. One of the main features of Yamagata Imono is that it is lighter and made with high quality iron.

The most popular product “Natsume” has a modern simple form which was made by the 1st generation of this company.

You will be able to enjoy the classical iron kettle that will last several lifetimes from hand baking Urushi painting.  Chlorine that you can find in water can be removed by boiling it in the Tetsubin. This is one of the main reasons to use this Tetsubin as its water enhances the subtle flavors in tea and coffee.

Yamagata-Imono's Tetsubin iron kettle is made using local clay mold. The molds cannot be reused and once used they will be broken when  the Tetsubin is taken out. Each Tetsubin has a little bit of a different pattern that is hand shaved on each clay mold, and each has its own different characters.

Komon offers Tetsubin with a history of 950 years and 3 generations within the Yamagataimono company.

The pictures and dimensions listed are for reference. As these are handmade items containing natural products, there may be variances in appearance and specifications.

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