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Kurobara Tsubaki Oil Small 100ml

Kurobara Tsubaki Oil Small 100ml

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Brand: Kurobara 黒ばら
Product Type: Oil

Kurobara Tsubaki Oil is used as a maintenance oil for high-quality Japanese kitchen knives, particularly those with carbon steel blades. The oil is applied to the blade to protect it from rust and corrosion and to help prevent the blade from dulling.

To use Kurobara Tsubaki Oil for knives, first, wash the blade with warm, soapy water and dry it thoroughly. Then, apply a few drops of the oil to a clean cloth or paper towel and rub it onto the blade, making sure to cover the entire surface. Finally, wipe off any excess oil with a clean cloth and store the knife in a dry, cool place.

Kurobara Tsubaki Oil is preferred by many professional chefs and knife enthusiasts because it is a natural, non-toxic alternative to petroleum-based oils and is less likely to leave a sticky residue on the blade. Additionally, its high viscosity allows it to cling to the blade, providing long-lasting protection.

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