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Shinohara Sake Set with Kiri Box (Kohiki)

Shinohara Sake Set with Kiri Box (Kohiki)

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Brand: Komon
Craftsmen: Mr & Mrs Shinohara
Product Type: Sake Set
Material: clay 
Sake bottle : diameter: 8cm               Height 13.5cm
Cup : diameter: 7cm                     Height 3.5cm

Mr.&Mrs. Shinohara from Kyoto, blend many regional Japanese ceramic styles into their work.They produce their own unique glazes and clay textures based on their previous experiences.

Kohiki is a term that refers to the simple and rustic white glaze used on pottery. The Kohiki pottery technique involves applying a white slip or clay over a darker clay body. The surface of the pottery is then smoothed to create a simple and minimalist appearance.

The Mr. and Mrs. Shinohara Sake Set Kohiki is a perfect example of the functional beauty of Japanese ceramics. It is ideal for serving and enjoying sake, but also serves as a beautiful decorative piece. The set is often given as a gift for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, christmas gifts, or other important celebrations.The Kiri box plays an important role for gift giving in Japan. Choosing the packaging material to give a look at outward appearance is important, but it also can boost the value of the gift.

Please note that Komon products vary, making each item unique. There may be some slight variations in size, finish, and texture from the photo presented here. 

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